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Students study English Language Arts,
Mathematics, Science and Social Studies every day with talented teachers committed to balancing deep, conceptual learning experiences with skill-building opportunities. Working in groups and individually, students engage with information and issues from multiple perspectives. They explore and develop their own ideas by striving to understand the ideas of others. All 8th graders take Spanish, Regents Algebra and Regents Living Environment

Social Studies

Students will analyze evidence and use it to defend a position, both orally and in formal writing, as well as expand their knowledge of the world and consider how history has influenced our current society.



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The Arts allow us to express and enhance the
beauty and complexity of the world. Students have
five days of Studio Art, Glee or Guitar.

Physical Education

PE class 3-5 days a week provides movement,
swim, health, sport and play - all important aspects of social/emotional development as well as academic development.

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