Park Slope Collegiate is a 6-12 secondary school located in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

How to Apply

At Park Slope Collegiate, we are committed to serving a diverse student body and preparing all students for success in high school and college.

We accept students with a range of grades and standardized test scores but give preference to students with the highest attendance. We are looking for students and families who value diversity, enjoy learning with and from others and aspire to make a difference in the world. Our interview process allows us to assess group dynamics and a variety of leadership styles among interested students.

Preference will be given to students who demonstrate interest by attending an open house or tour and who list us first on their application. Click the following links to see fliers listing our Middle School and High School tour and open house events.

Please call (718) 832-4319 to reserve your spot.

2014 PSC Middle School Tour and Open House Events:

  • 10/16 Thurs., Tour, 9-10am
  • 10/22 Wed., Open House, 7-8pm
  • 11/12 Wed., Tour, 9-10am
  • 11/18 Tues., Tour, 9-10am
  • 12/2 Tues., Tour, 9-10am
  • 12/10 Wed., Open House, 7-8pm

2014 PSC High School Tour and Open House Events

  • 10/23 Thurs., Tour, 9-10am
  • 10/29 Wed., Open House, 7-8pm
  • 11/6 Thurs., Tour, 9-10am
  • 11/19 Wed., Open House, 7-8pm

The application code for Park Slope Collegiate is K27A.

Our Vision

The PSC experience is built upon the vision of a truly integrated school—racially, ethnically, economically and academically—that leads toward developing a just and equal society.

Students develop the social/emotional skills as well as the academic skills to collaborate and work with students from all backgrounds.

Recognizing that building a strong sense of community across all backgrounds is challenging, PSC is a small school with small classes. Clear strategies for developing the students’ social and emotional skills are employed by all teachers in every class and discussed weekly in the Circles program. Clear strategies for identifying each student’s academic needs are also developed within and across grade levels to ensure that each student grows and attains his or her promise. The small number of students in each grade level and the small number of students in each class ensure that all teachers know all students and can address individual needs as well as facilitate interactions among students. The PSC middle school experience will prepare all students for a rigorous high school curriculum and the high school prepares all graduates for college. Perhaps more importantly, the PSC experience creates socially aware students who can serve as ambassadors and leaders of a pluralistic society as they become young adults.

Contact Us

Jill Bloomberg, Principal

(718) 832-4319

Email the PSC PTA

237 7th Avenue
(between 4th and 5th Streets)
Brooklyn, NY 11215