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Consider joining our school recruiting team! Parent volunteers will help conduct tours for prospective 6th and 9th graders in October and November, speak at middle school information sessions and open house events, build relationships with District 15 middle schools, and attend high school fairs.


Help organize our Annual Back-to-School BBQ for PSC families. We'll meet once over the summer to plan food and activitites and we'll need volunteers to arrive early and clean up.


Our Student Government organizes GREAT bake sales to raise funds for school activities. Parents from all grades can help them by offering to bake, helping staff their sale tables, spreading the word about sales, and of course, buying goodies at school and election bake sales!

PTA Volunteers

The PTA is always looking for volunteers who can help manage the functioning of the PTA itself. Consider volunteering to take on just one task throughout the year: 

  • Volunteer for the PTA Nominating Committee or the Budget Oversight Committee

  • Make PTA Meeting notices for backpacks

  • Help with translation for PTA communications

  • Help with the PSC Pulse, our weekly school e-newsletter

  • Make the PTA Bulletin Board in August

  • Staff the PTA table at Parent Teacher Conferences

  • Grant Writing

  • Whatever else you'd like to do!




Parent Leadership



The PSC PTA Board (elections will be held in June)

The PSC School Leadership Team (SLT) (elections will be held in June)

Title I Parent Committee (elections will be held in June)

School (Campus) Safety Committee (A PTA President or designee may attend monthly meetings)


Citywide Councils (Candidate forums begin in April of every odd year and two-year terms begin in July):

Citywide Council on High Schools 

Citywide Council on English-Language Learners (CCELL)

Citywide District 75 Council

NYC DOE Citywide Council on Special Education (CCSE)


District Council (Candidate forums begin in April of every odd year and two-year terms begin in July)

NYC DOE Community Education Council (District 15) (elections held in April)


Read more about Parent Leadership elections at from the DOE and at




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