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John Jay Jaguars Info

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Fall 2022 Try Outs

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Girls Swimming-

John Jay Swimming Pool

8/24 at 12pm-2pm

8/25-9/2 at 8am -10am


Girls Volleyball-

John Jay Campus 2nd Floor Gym

Free Volleyball Skills Clinic on Campus

7/25-7/28 10am-1pm


Preseason and No Cut Try Outs

8/29-9/2 at 10am-1pm



9/6-9/8 at 3:30-5:15pm


Boys and Girls Cross Country-

Prospect Park 9th Street

Lafayette Memorial Statue

9/1 at 9am


Girls Soccer-

Parade Grounds Field 9

8/22-8/24 at 4:00-6:00PM


Boys Fencing-


MHS Info Session: 9/13 at 4:00

John Jay Campus Info Session: 9/14 at 4:00

Tryouts: 9/19 at Millennium Manhattan 4:00


Boys Soccer-

8/22-8/23 at 8-10 AM @ Randall's Island Field 85.

8/24 at 8-10AM @ Parade Grounds Field 9

For more information please contact :

Brian Friedman 


Mike Boitano

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