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First Day of School

Monday 9/21 will be PSC's first official day of classes! All classes will be remote classes. Students spent last week with their Circle Leaders on beginning to build community, school re-opening activities, and ensuring all students have access to Google Classroom codes and Zoom/Meets links. Please log-in to Pupilpath to see your child's schedule. Clicking 'vew schedule as grid' allows for you to see the weekly class schedule. If you do not yet have Pupilpath access please email Steffen Nelson. If your child hasn't yet been able to meet with their Circle Leader or if your child has any trouble logging into classes this week please use the following contact info so that we can support you:

Main Office phone number - 718-832-4305

Parent Coordinator Steffen Nelson -

Assistant Principal Carla Laban -

Assistant Principal Rhonda Hendrickson -

Principal Jill Sandusky -

We're excited to dive into a new school year! Welcome back PSC!!

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