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Pratt Saturday Classes

Saturday Art School - Fall 2018


Classes are from 10 AM to Noon, for 10 Saturdays. More details about the calendar, classes and curriculum can be found here.

o Age 6, Fantastic Voyage

o Ages 7-8, Adventures in Art

o Ages 8-12, Inclusive Art Studio

o Ages 9-10: Sculpture; Drawn to Stories; Creative Writing; Drawing, Painting, and Printmaking

o Ages 11-14: Sculpture; Creative Writing; Ceramic Construction; Stop-Motion Animation; Drawing, Painting, and Printmaking

o High School: Film; Photography; Drawing and Painting; Sculpture, Space, and Form; Drawing the Object (a one-credit class, offered exclusively in the fall)


Fall 2018: Registration accepted August 20 – September 14 Spring 2019: Registration accepted December 4 – 20

Registration forms can be found on our website and can be submitted via mail or fax beginning August 20th.

Tuition, Financial Aid Opportunities

Tuition: $300 per semester, $150 for additional sibling(s)

Financial Aid is available to eligible students in need of assistance (as determined if they qualify for the NY State Free/Reduced Lunch Program) thanks to generous support from the Selz Foundation. Financial aid is limited. To apply, please inquire during registration. More information, and applications for Financial Aid can be found on the website: Financial Aid.

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