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PSC Fundraiser at Barnes & Noble on Dec. 16

Here's an easy way to raise funds for PSC: shop for gifts on December 16 at the Barnes & Noble bookstore, just one block from the school. The exact address is 267 7th Avenue (it's the corner of 7th Avenue and 6th Street). You can shop from 9am – 10pm.

Everything you buy counts towards helping the school — even items from the café. And if you can't get there on December 16, you can still help out by shopping online at and using the Bookfair ID 12054458 at checkout. That ID number gets filled in towards the bottom of the payment page. The number is very important and it's the only way we'll get credit.

Most everyone loves the gift the reading and this is a no-fuss way to help PSC raise some much needed funds.

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