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Methodist to Fund Air Conditioners!

Great news: New York Methodist Hospital has agreed to give $56,500--more than five times their original offer--to install air conditioners in the John Jay building, to mitigate the harmful effects of their construction project on education. We are very grateful for Methodist's contribution. While it is not the full amount needed, it is enough to purchase and install ACs in all classrooms along 5th Street and the courtyard, the areas most directly affected by the construction. This will go a long way towards ensuring that our students maintain an optimal learning environment. Thanks to all who signed and circulated our petition asking Methodist to fund ACs. The 722 signatures certainly made a difference. And fundraising efforts are not over! The Learning Environment Committee of the John Jay Educational Campus is continuing to work with the Department of Education to secure funding for ACs in the gyms and cafeteria, as well as in classroom windows on 4th Street and 7th Avenue. Additionally, the committee is asking the DOE to conduct a full environmental review to determine if any further remediation is needed.

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