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AC Update

Here what's happening with our effort to get air conditioners in our building.

  • Kimberly Neuhaus, 7th-grade PSC parent who's been the John Jay campus's representative to the Methodist Construction Task Force, will attend the monthly task force meeting this week, where she will let the committee know that the campus intends to ask Methodist to fully fund all ACs on 5th Avenue and the courtyard.

  • On April 5, the city's Board of Standards and Appeals will hold an open hearing to give final approval to the Methodist expansion project. Our AC committee plans to present its concerns at that meeting. This is where the voices of parents, students and faculty will need to be heard! Your letters, emails and phone calls can help make our case. Please stay tuned for more details about how to do that.

  • Did you know that last year a bill was introduced in the City Council to minimize noise from construction projects that lie within 75 feet of a school? Research shows that excessive noise levels can be detrimental to student learning, so parents across the city are rightfully concerned about the impact of construction. For very useful information on this topic, please visit the Coalition for Safe Schools.

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