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March Madness at Park Slope Collegiate

Did you ever notice that March seems to be the toughest stretch of school to get through? Well, so did our student government, so a couple of years ago they came up with March Madness activities to give students a little boost. March Madness Friday, March 18, with Spirit Day. Students are encouraged to dress crazily -- wigs, nail polish, whatever -- and, with their circle groups, come up with ways to show their spirit. Past years have seen performances, bubbles, disco lights, decorated doors, you name it. The circles in each grade judged to have the most spirit will win a pizza party. This year's judges are Assistant Principal Carla Laban, college counselor Lisa Miller-Calderon, and Geraldine Pinto from our main office staff. On Tuesday, March 22, March Madness continues with basketball games--freshmen vs. sophomores and juniors vs seniors. On Wednesday, March 23, the high school volleyball team will take on any brave students that would like to challenge them. Thursday, March 24, is the basketball championship game, with the winners from each of Tuesday's matches going for the title. Big thanks to coaches Kuranishi (9th grade), Lee (10th grade), Salak (11th grade), and Maybloom (seniors), and to the volleyball referee, Ms. Vega.

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