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Donor's Choose: One Down, One to Go. Help Ms. Vega today!

The computer lab is getting a new printer! A Lexmark MS510dn mono laser printer, to be exact. Seventh-grade math teacher John Wilson has completed a successful DonorsChoose campaign that raised $734 for the purchase. "Already this year, I have had to turn away students who have come into the lab asking to print their school work," Mr. Wilson said. "Now I will be able to tell them, 'Yes!' " Thanks to all who supported him. The PTA provided $100 in seed funding to Mr. Wilson's campaign. Clearly, it was an investment that paid off well. Now we need to help Veronica Vega's campaign for new sports equipment cross the finish line. Please circulate this link widely. Campaigns that show momentum often attract matching funds from foundations, so every contribution helps, no matter the size. The PTA has also chipped in $100 to Ms. Vega's campaign.

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