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Jill Sandusky Named Assistant Principal

Veteran PSC teacher Jill Sandusky has taken on a new role this year, as Assistant Principal. She will partner with Assistant Principal Carla Laban in curriculum and teacher development. Ms. Sandusky will focus on ELA and social studies; Ms. LaBan will oversee math and science. "My role is to help support teacher development and push for rigor in instruction, and to continue to support the school's vision and mission," said Ms. Sandusky. The addition of an assistant principal was necessitated in part by the school's recent enrollment growth. Ms. Sandusky and Ms. LaBan also will focus on supporting the school's eleven new teachers--some new to teaching, some new only to PSC. This is Ms. Sandusky's twelfth year at PSC. In recent years she's taught 12th-grade ELA and will continue teaching one ninth-grade ELA class.

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