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School Welcome

At Park Slope Collegiate we love learning! Our teachers don‘t just know their subjects, they love the way their subject helps us better understand the world and our role in making it a better place. We know that all knowledge comes from the experiences and ideas of generations of humanity and our collective ability to learn from one another. We believe that every child has the right to contribute to and to benefit from a diverse learning community.

Though it may seem a bit old school, we agree that separate will never be equal and we actively pursue a school community that is integrated across race/ethnicity, socioeconomic status and past academic performance. Within that community, we are committed to a rigorous academic curriculum that does not separate or track students based on test scores or performance. We are committed to the dignity of every student within our school and out in the world. As such, we take a united stand against racism and encourage our students, staff, and parents to stand together against injustice. As we prepare all of our students for college, we want to instill in them a strong sense of community and accountability to one another.

- Principal Jill Sandusky, Park Slope Collegiate

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