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Each of the public schools in New York City has a School Leadership Team (SLT) to ensure a quality education. The PSC SLT meets monthly and attendance is open to all parents, students, faculty, and members of the administration. The meeting schedule will be updated each month in the PSC Pulse e-newsletter.


SLT agenda topics focus on the mission and goals of PSC and how our curriculum meets them.


SLT Membership

The SLT includes parents, students, and PSC administration and faculty. The other representatives, including two to four students and five PSC administration and faculty members as well as the selection of a chairperson, is completed in the fall. Parent members of the SLT are elected in June. Supplementary September elections are conducted if additional SLT slots become available.

The SLT meets the second Tuesday of each month.


2021-2022 SLT members include the following representatives:

Jill Sandusky, Principal

Steffen Nelson, Parent Coordinator

Alaa Yousef, Teacher/UFT Chair

Corinthia Carter, Parent/PTA Co-President

Joell Baxter, Parent/PTA Co-President

Rahsan Robinson, Teacher 

Michelle Orchard, Teacher

Gabriel Solis, Teacher

Lori Whyte, Teacher

Stacey Georg, Parent/SLT Chair

Ernesto Mestre-Reed, Parent

Rohan Russell, Parent

Madeline Solomon, Parent

Maria Morgan, Student

Hajar Bouchour, Student


SLT Responsibilities

The bylaws of the SLT includes the following core responsibilities:


• The development and implementation of PSC’s mission and goals


• The development and implementation of PSC’s comprehensive educational plan (CEP) to further its mission and achieve those goals, including the alignment of the CEP with PSC’s budget.


• To ensure full representation of all constituencies in the establishment and the fulfillment of goals including but not limited to:


  1. Design, implementation, and assessment of curricula and instructional materials and methods

  2. Assessment of data to develop educational goals, strategies, and programs

  3. Staff selection, creation, implementation, and assessment of programs

  4. Formulation of staff development objectives and accompanying on- and offsite activities and workshops

  5. Maintenance of building environment, safety, and security

  6. Provision of a healthy and complete student life and environment


To review a full copy of the SLT bylaws, please email the PTA.

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