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PSC in the Media

If you are a member of the press and you would like to speak with someone from Park Slope Collegiate, please contact the main office

at (718) 832-4319.

May 2021

NYC's School Algorithms Cement Segregation. This Data Shows How.

The Markup

This in depth article features the voices of students from multiple schools on the John Jay campus


May 2021

A divided Brooklyn high school campus tries to knock down barriers through sports

New York Daily News

June 2017-Video

Heads Up Eyes Open

Park Slope Collegiate 8th grade class project

May 2017-Video

Playing Apart

Columbia University School of Journalism

This 15 minute video details the inequitable distribution of sports teams in New York City Public Schools, focusing on Park Slope Collegiate's struggle for equity

June 2014-Video

Decades after Brown v. Board, a Brooklyn school integrates

All In with Chris Hayes, MSNBC

April 2014

New York State Has the Most-Segregated Schools in the Nation. Park Slope Collegiate was determined not to be one of them

New York Magazine

March 2014-Video

PSC Speaker Series-Integration Matters

Town Hall Forum at Park Slope Collegiate featuring David Tipson, Pedro Noguera, and Jill Bloomberg

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