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PSC Cell Phone & Electronics Policy

When Students MAY USE cellphones / electronics / headphones
  • Before School

  • During Lunch

  • During Class

    • ONLY with direct teacher permission.

  • After School

    • After school program use depends on program leader permission.

When Students MAY NOT USE cellphones / electronics / headphones in
  • Hallways

    • During class time and passing time.

  • Bathrooms

  • Locker Rooms

  • Classes

    • Unless teacher directly gives permission.

  • Cellphones/electronics/headphones  must not be visible, heard, or used.


WHY is this policy in place?

This cellphone/Electronic Device/Headphone policy is intended to improve engagement in classroom learning, to lessen distractions either of ourselves or of other students from learning, and to ensure the privacy of others.

If a student uses a cellphone/electronic device/headphones in violation of this policy, the following consequences will be applied at the school’s discretion
  • Warnings

  • Confiscation of the item and return at the end of the class period

  • Confiscation of the item and return at the end of the school day

  • Confiscation of the item and return at parent conference

  • Confiscation of the item and return following student entering into behavioral contract / use agreement

  • Revocation of the privilege to bring item to school

How to get in touch with your child during school hours

Parents / guardians who need to contact a student during school hours are requested to contact staff in the Main Office (718-832-4305) who will facilitate the contact. Please do not disrupt class time by texting or calling your student during school hours.

Policy current as of 12/18/2016

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