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In collaboration with a team from Hunter College, we initiated Peer Enabled Restructured Classrooms (PERC) in three subjects: Integrated Algebra, Living Environment and Chemistry. Approximately 50 students work as Teaching Assistant  Scholars (TAS) spending one period a day working with students a year behind them in a content class the TAS passed the year before and one period a day with their fellow TAS and the content class teacher reviewing concepts and pedagogy. All TAS will retake the Regents exam along with their students with the goal of passing the CUNY proficiency threshold of 85 and raising the pass rate of student taking the exams for the first time. All three PERC teachers participate in regular professional development designed to align STEM instruction to the CCLS. All PERC classes emphasize conceptual understanding, group work and peer tutoring.


As part of their commitment to both teaching their peers and preparing for college, every TAS must take TAS Class. This class meets daily  to address four dimensions of TAS growth: learning to teach, learning to learn, learning in the content area, and college learning.

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