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Guitar: Middle and High School

The guitar program at PSC will change the way your student hears music and possibly the world. We foster a growth mindset by teaching students how and why to practice and that practice makes progress.


Our guitar program is designed to give students the opportunity to be college ready musicians, as well as to be hobbyists. Students learn to read standard music notation, chord charts and tablature. They learn to use picks and to use the fingers of the right hand independently.


Students play a variety of styles of music. However, if they continue, they often eventually focus on Classical Guitar, Jazz Guitar or a combination of the two. These two styles are most commonly studied at the university level. Students also have the opportunity to prepare for college level music theory and ear training.

Glee Club: Middle School

The Glee Club is designed to teach, train and build vocal discipline within the group on a yearly basis. Each day the students in Glee Club will work on their vocal gifts through learning historical ideologies of music genres, participating in contemporary performances, songwriting, and vocal training.


The students approach music from various angles to build their repertoire, vocal skills and knowledge of vocal technique.

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