Lunch at PSC


All PSC students have a lunch period from 12:40 – 1:25 every day except Monday. Lunch on Mondays is at the end of the school day from 1:25 – 2:10.



Lunch on Mondays is optional for High School students whose official school day ends at 1:25.  Middle School students are required to stay for lunch unless we have permission to dismiss them at 1:25.


Tuesday – Friday:

Lunch is available in the cafeteria for all students.

  • High School – All Seniors and Juniors as well as Freshmen and Sophomores who achieve and maintain an 85 average or above are eligible to leave the building for lunch as long as they have parental permission and have submitted all required forms. During the lunch period in the building, high school students must report to the cafeteria or to a classroom supervised by a teacher. The cafeteria is supervised by school staff as is the schoolyard. Students are not permitted to congregate in stairwells or in the hallways or any other unsupervised location during lunch.

  • Middle School – Students do not leave the building for lunch and are required to report to the cafeteria. Lunch in the cafeteria is supervised by school staff and MS students are assigned to particular tables. The schoolyard is also supervised during lunch except in cases of extreme weather.