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For FAQ from students and parents interested in applying to PSC, see our Admissions Page 




Q: How do I get working papers?

A: The NYC Department of Youth and Community Development's  Summer Youth Employment Program accepts applications for employment for high school students in late Winter / early Spring. The application is at


Q: How can I find something I lost?

A: There is a 'lost and found' in the main office on the 4th floor. Anything lost in the cafeteria might be found in the lost and found boxes on the first floor. Anything lost in the pool area may be found by asking Ms. Rembas to meet you in the locker rooms to check for missing items.


Q: How can I change my schedule?

A: Please discuss with Ms. Boyhan, School Programmer, in Room 442 or by email at


Q: Who distributes condoms?

A: Condoms can be obtained from Ms. Lembo in Room 412.


Q: How do I get a new metrocard?

A: Please see Mr. Caban in the main office.


Q: How do I get a copy of my transcript?

A: Please contact the Ms. Lembo at


Q: How do I get my PupilPath password?

A: Please see Ms. Boyhan in Room 442. 


Q: What is there to do after school?

A: Check out our Student Activities page, keep your eye out for posters and fliers on the walls at school, and check out the Student Government bulletin board in the hallway, near the main office.


Q: How can I contact my teacher? What’s the homework?

A: You can email your teachers through the PupilPath or email them directly (email addresses are on the Faculty and Staff page). 


Q: To whom do I return forms?

A: Students should return forms to the teacher who distributed them. Parent contact information forms can be given to Mr. Caban in the main office.


Q: When does the marking period end?

A: Marking periods close on the following dates during the 2021-2022 school year:


Marking Period Closes     Report Cards Distributed


Q: How do I know if there is school each day?

A: The NYC DOE calendar can be found here. The NYC Department of Education has a page for you to sign up for emails that will notify you of important school news, including snow closures. You can also follow the DOE on Facebook and Twitter, and visit the DOE website for the latest weather-related scheduling changes.



Q: When are Parent / Teacher conferences?

A: November 10th and 12th, 2021

     March 16th and 18th, 2022 

Q: I see a missed call from the school. What was it for?

A: PSC uses a telephone messaging system to alert parents and families to student absences, latenesses, and to notify them regarding events like PTA meetings and school community gatherings. You may have recieved a call for one of these reasons. To verify, please call the main office at: (718) 832-4305.


Q: How can I confirm if my child was really late?

A: Please call the main office at: (718) 832-4305.


Q: How do I get a letter confirming that my child attends your school?

A: Please call the main office at: (718) 832-4305.


Q: How do I get my child’s PupilPath password?

A: Send an email to our Parent Coordinator, Steffen Nelson.


Q: What can I do if I have questions or concerns about how my child is doing in school?

A: Parents can email their child's teacher directly to ask questions about student progress at any time. Teachers are always able to schedule an appointment in person or remotely to ask questions about how to provide support. 


The Academics page of this website describes a number of the resources available to students within the classroom. 


The DOE has a Homework Resources page with links to even more resources for students and parents. 


Q: How can my child get help from his/her teachers?

A: : You child can email their teacher through the PupilPath or by emailing them directly. 


Q: Can you confirm that there really is an afterschool event?

A: Please check with the main office: (718) 832-4305.


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